SUN Fall Convention – 2023

2023 Fall Convention coming!

Join us for the 2023 Sunshine District Fall Convention October 13-15, 2023! Hotel reservations and registrations for the convention are now open! Please see the relevant sections on the home page or on the District calendar for more information!

Join us in celebrating the anniversaries of some of our past District Champion Quartets!

Interested in hearing about how a quartet gets to the top levels? Join Wildfire for an hour chat!

Think you can select the winners better than the judging panel can? Listen to one of them explain what it is they actually do at our “So you want to be a Judge?” session!


Sunshine District Mass Sing will return!

SUN Spring Convention

2023 Spring Convention was a success!

Three and a Half Men win the right to represent Sunshine District in the International Quartet Competition in Louisville, KY, July 2-9, 2023.

The quartet took the honors in the International Quartet Preliminary contest in Sunshine District with a score of 2075 or an average of 86.5%.

Right on Q won the Sunshine District Senior Quartet competition with a total score of 869 or 72.4%

Orange Blossom Chorus won the Sunshine District Chorus Championship as well as the Sunshine District Most Improved Chorus Award.

The Chorus took top honors with a score of 853 or a 71.1% average.

Chuck Steiner III named Sunshine District BOTY for 2019

Paul Agnew named Sunshine District BOTY for 2022!

Sunshine District held it’s first ever Mass Sing!

The World According to AARP places 14th at Mid-Winter Senior Quartet competition!

Congratulations to “The World According to AARP” for placing 14th in the Barbershop Harmony Society Seniors Quartet Championship at Mid-winter Convention in Daytona Beach!



The quartet members are Dave Jacobs Gainesville chapter president, Roger Smeds – SUN District VP Communications, Paul Agnew – SUN District VP Contest & Judging, and Steve Culpepper – SUN District VP Music & Performance. The quartet scored 1269 points or an average of 70.5%.



Well done!








Photo credit: William McCombie (live shot)

Photo credit: Sydney Agnew (lobby shot)

A Whole New World!

Here is a perspective on LDJ from the district’s new social media manager, Melissa Klotzbach.


A Whole New World

By Melissa Klotzbach

New District Digital Marketing Consultant under Roger Smeds

My husband, Jack Klotzbach, is a barbershop singer. We recently married in June 2022. I have been to a few of his singouts – Christmas at the Mall in Destin Commons was my first. Oh boy was I hooked! He has been telling me “wait ‘til we go to LDJ!” We had intended on going last year but due to COVID-19 it was cancelled. We even bought matching outfits for the event. I had been anxiously waiting for the time to come. Then it was time…

Once we entered the corridor to the resort we could hear them. My husband’s face lit up with pride, “They’re here.” There were singers in the halls rehearsing their “tags,” — a new term for me. I could listen to this beautiful exchange for hours.

The novice contest was Disneyland for my ears. Each quartet had a unique style. Some were funny, some were melancholy, and some were almost operatic. What a treat!

Then they sang at the pool and in corners of the hotel. It was a barbershop lover’s dream.

The final night of performances was full of surprises. I quickly found my favorites. This is a whole new world for me. I have found a new love, it’s called barbershop.

BHS Barbershop Reunion 2022 is in the record books!

Sunshine district was well represented in the Quartet competition where “Throwback” brought home 3rd place bronze medals with a score of 8283 or a 92.0% average.

Scoresheets for the Finalist quartets are here.

In the Chorus competition, the Tampa “Heralds of Harmony” finished just out of the medals in 7th place with a score of 2676 or an 89.2% average.

Also representing Sunshine District was the Sunrise chapter “THX” who came in 35th place with a score of 2253 or a 75.1% average.

Scoresheets for the chorus competition are here.


Sunshine Spring Convention Cancelled!

Dear Sunshine Members,

The Sunshine District was faced with yet another tough situation with our convention this Spring.

We contacted our District Chapters and Quartets to check on their status given the ongoing pandemic. Results overwhelmingly indicated scant interest in attending due to Covid-19. Based on these circumstances, it is impossible to hold our Spring Convention.

We realize this creates an issue for quartets looking to qualify for International and alternate options are being explored. Unfortunately, BHS and SCJC are not allowing video submissions and SUN quartets may need to compete in another District.

In Harmony,

SUN Events Team

2022 Leadership Academy (LeadAC) – Harmony University – Top Gun Coaching Registration is open!

2022 Leadership Academy/Harmony College/Top Gun Quartet Coaching is January 7-9, 2022

This event is for all chapter officers, future officers and members interested chapter business. Also for quartets who would like some great coaching to help hone their skills. Hotel reservations for the event are the responsibility of each individual attending and to get the special rate pricing, you must reserve by December 24, 2021.

Reserve Hotel Room for LeadAC Register for LeadAC/Top Gun Coaching More information and LeadAC Schedule


After careful consideration, The Sunshine District, along with The AIC and Harmony Foundation have decided that, despite our best efforts to make LDJ as safe as possible, we simply cannot.  As we all know, the delta variant continues to ravage the country, and especially Florida.  We had hoped that it would peak and then quickly drop. That has not happened.  Florida continues to be “the epicenter” for this, and we acknowledge that despite our best efforts to make it happen, we cannot do so safely.

All Labor Day Jamboree events, including shows, the novice contest and all official gatherings have been cancelled. 

We have heard that many people still plan to hang out and fellowship, and enjoy the Omni resort.  We only ask that you do it safely, and please consider following the protocols and guidelines that had been put into place, and protect each other’s health.

SUN, AIC, and HFI all worked diligently in an attempt to make this happen, for many reasons, and the decision to cancel is for so many other reasons- more important reasons.  But one of them was certainly the financial impact of cancellation. Flights, production deposits, safety equipment, etc. all are non refundable and pose a strong negative financial impact for all three organizations. If you still intend to gather at the Omni, or are just feeling compassionate for the situation, please consider contributing your registration cost to help mitigate the losses on this event. Any gifts would be greatly appreciated.

Unless you notify us otherwise before September 10th, all registration purchases will be rolled over to LDJ 2022. 

Since the event has been canceled, we will also honor refund requests. Please note – All refunds are returned to the original method of payment. If you bought yours from another individual and/or had a registration transferred from someone else, you’ll need to contact the person that sold it to you. To donate your registration cost or request a full refund, please fill out this form:

The LDJ block at the Omni ChampionsGate resort has a five day cancellation policy, so if you are not attending, you MUST cancel your room by calling the hotel at (407) 390-6664, OR you may cancel online from the reservation confirmation link that was emailed to you by the Omni when you booked your room.

We all want to sing together again. So badly. We apologize that it took this long to cancel, but your well-being and safety must be placed above all else.  Even with proof of vaccination and negative PCR tests, masks, and distancing, the activities outside of our control that take place at LDJ, although discouraged, would have introduced more risks that we were not willing to take.

We know that some will be upset by this decision, some will applaud it, and some will be angry that it took this long.  But we would rather deal with those emotions and anger than the possible fallout from a super-spreader event.  We hope that we can all can agree on that.

We will try again next year! Same location.  Until then, friends, thank you for supporting LDJ and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Please- if you haven’t, consider getting vaccinated so we can be together again!

Thank you – the LDJ Team

Fall 2021 District Convention Cancelled!

Hello Sunshine District,
This email/communication is to inform you that the SUN Board of Directors, along with input from the House of Delegates, have voted that the 2021 Sunshine District Fall Convention has been cancelled. Many factors led to this decision, which is not taken lightly. Indulge me, if you will…
We had a scheduled House of Delegates Meeting a little over a month ago, and only two (2) choruses indicated that they would participate in the contest. And of those two, only one said that they would formally compete. For very obvious reasons, most of our SUN Chapters have not been rehearsing and would not have a show package ready in time for the first week in October. Along with that, the majority of our Chapters doubted that their members would even attend a convention if we were to hold it.
The International representatives from SUN for 2022 have already been selected as carry-overs from Los Angeles and Cleveland, so it is not necessary to re-qualify for Charlotte. We also have a good number of choruses that are missing their Snowbirds. In many SUN choruses, the Snowbird population can make up 50% or more of the performing chorus!
In addition to this, we have a certain number of contracted rooms at the hotel that we MUST fill, or we pay the cost of those rooms. We have a brand new venue in St. Augustine that was going to “hold our feet to the fire”…but as luck would have it, the property had another large group was wanting to book dates during our Fall 2022 weekend. So, in exchange for moving Fall 2022 to a later weekend in October (will now be Oct 21-22), the hotel released us from any and all financial liability for cancelling Fall 2021. This could have been financially disastrous, but it worked out in our favor.
I want to assure each of you that we explored several other options for allowing quartets to compete. An idea was floated to have a “festival” and invite SAI Region 9 and Harmony, Inc. to join us, but even with their commitments, we’d have not come close to filling our hotel block – and we’d still be on the hook.
Also, an idea was presented to have a one-set, single panel quartet competition at Labor Day Jamboree. But this would have been held in a glorified afterglow room with no stage, lights, or sound. Personally, I want all of the “pomp and circumstance” of not only crowning a new District Champion, but also allowing our outgoing Champs (Bourbon Brothers Quartet) to have a proper send-off/Swan Song with a large audience.
Lastly, holding a District Convention 30 days after what will probably be the largest Labor Day Jamboree in history would not be palatable to most district wallets.
We fully plan on holding our Spring 2022 Convention March 25-27, and the C&J and Events Teams are deciding now if we will roll all contests into that convention, or if we will wait until Fall 2022 to crown a new quartet champ. (For those that don’t know, Choruses compete in Fall to qualify for International, and Quartets compete for the SUN District Championship…and then in Spring, it is reversed; Quartets qualify for International, and Choruses compete for the District crown).
We are ready to get back to in-person singing just as much as you are! But most of you aren’t ready quite yet, and that’s okay! We will be ready when you are, so start looking at BHS’ recommendations for safely re-opening and start to sing again. Get those show packages ready. SUN is a very unique District- we only have 18 active Chapters (MAD has 100+ choruses within their Chapters) . This makes it SUPER important for participation in our Conventions. Even if your Chapter does not usually “compete”, please make a commitment now to come to Spring 2022 (and as often as possible) for scoring, judging, and improvement opportunities. Good, quality singing is what drives membership. And guess what? Because of the year-long (+) pandemic and lockdown, artists of all types are looking for new outlets. BE THEIR OUTLET! But be a quality, excellence-oriented outlet. You get that by coaching and constant improvement!
We hope to see as many of our SUN Members at Labor Day Jamboree ( for some truly awesome shows – seriously, look at the lineups each night! We are blessed to have so much talent in our District, and extra blessed this year to have the opportunity to partner with the Association of International Champions (AIC) for what would have been their AIC Show in Cleveland! Both nights will fill every crevice of your barbershop bodies, and if you cannot attend in person, a webcast will be available. We are excited to welcome our friends from Harmony Foundation, who has, and will play a huge roll in funding this huge Labor Day Jamboree event.
Thanks for reading this much so far. The SUN Board feels it is important for you, our members, to understand what goes on behind the scenes to arrive at these types of tough decisions. It’s not all about the money. It’s also about the quality of the event and the honor that comes from competing on the SUN stage. We’ll be back strong to our Convention schedule in 2022. For now, we will concentrate on LDJ, then LeadAC in January 2022, and then on into Spring 2022.
Again, thank you for reading, and for allowing me the honor of being your President for the past five years; 2020 & 2021 were the hardest, by far! As we all emerge from this extraordinary time in history at our own pace, if there is anything that the SUN Board can assist you with, please do not hesitate to reach out.
Yours In Harmony,
President, Sunshine District