The Sunshine District Association of Quartet Champions (SDAQC) was created to bring together all quartet champions residing in the state of Florida. We also seek associate membership applications from any quartet champion that now resides in Florida yet their championship occurred in any one of the 17 districts within the Barbershop Harmony Society.
Please e-mail SDAQC Chairman Jamie Breedon for more information.


“The mission of the Sunshine District Association of Quartet Champions is to promote and encourage the formation of new quartets; to assist the District in helping all levels of quartets improve their craft through education and coaching; to serve the District sponsoring, assisting with, and/or participating in conventions, schools and other District-led events; and to exist as a fraternal organization that promotes fellowship for its members and that is highly visible and recognized for its service throughout the District.”

Quartet Champions
Year Quartet Name Tenor Lead Baritone Bass
2019 Bourbon Brothers
Matt Nelson
Christian Espinoa
Alex Kuen
Matthew Boutwell
Tim Perenich
Shawn Thomas
Alex Sturgill
Tom Bronson
2017 The Simple Life
Andrew Lujan Ryan Modrall Kevin Mendez Mike O’Neill
2016 Rooftop Records Chase Guyton Dustin Guyton Jamie Breedon Jackson Pinder
2015 Signature Will Rodriguez Daniel Cochran Matt Clancy Dan Walz
2014 Throwback Paul Saca Sean Devine Alex Rubin Michael Skutt
2013 The Society Thor Young Andrew Borts Eddie Mejia Amos Velez
2012 Flashback Harold Nantz Mark Schlinkert Bill Billings Bryan Hevel
2011 Main Street Roger Ross Tony DeRosa Mike McGee Myron Whittlesey
2010 The PURSUIT Chad Bennett Chris Coffee Jeremy Conover Paul Agnew
2009 Lucky Day Roger Ross Eric Bell Paul Gilman Jay Hawkins
2008 On Demand Tristan St. John Paul Saca Jamie Breedon Amos Velez
2007 Wise Guys Reunion Chad Bennett Mark Schlinkert Brett Cleveland Aaron Ledger
2006 HotShots James Kastler Andrew Borts Mitchell Greenberg Paul Agnew
2005 Last Call Byron Poore Mark Schlinkert Aaron Ledger Jerry Johnson
2004 Rounders Alex Rubin Sean Milligan Ken Delaney Dan Rubin
2003 My Three Sons David Ditchfield Michael Ditchfield Nathanael Ditchfield Stephen Ditchfield
2002 Two Timers Dan Rubin Tim Perenich Alex Rubin Tom Bronson
2001 Autograph Jeff Finney Alexander Rubin Daniel Rubin Tom Ball
2000 Endeavor Trey Allen Sean Milligan Ken Delaney Kenny Sobolewski
1999 Platinum Gary Lewis Joe Connelly Tony DeRosa Kevin Miles
1998 Wise Guys Mike Love Mark Schlinkert Brett Cleveland Chris Connelly
1997 Bayside Edition Jim Billings Sean Milligan Bill Billings Tim Brozovich
1996 Done Deal Jeff Finney John Wilshusen George Bower Tom Ball
1995 Genuine Article Marc Cammer Kevin Ferguson Chris Uhle Joe Fair
1994 Cigar City Four Wayne Helbig Andy Taft Arne Helbig Steve Singleton
1993 Backbeat Harold Nantz Sean Milligan Bill Billings Randy Loos
1992 Shenanigans Al Rehkop Dave LaBar Glenn Van Tassell Tim Brozovich
1991 Keepsake Roger Ross Joe Connelly Tony DeRosa Don Barnick
1990 Saturday’s Heroes Walt Smith Dave Wilkinson Don Clause, Jr Bob Summers
1989 Vintage Dave Byrd Brett Cleveland Mark Hildebrand Dave Kinnell
1988 One Shot Deal Sean Milligan Roger Ross Tony DeRosa Tim Brozovich
1987 High Gear Mack Tyner Rob Lotzkar Eric Christensen Scott Gross
1986 Sidekicks Harold Nantz Dave LaBar Don Barnick Randy Loos
1985 Cheerful Noise Gene O’Dell Roger Ross Bill Billings Paul Agnew
1984 Cypress Chord Company Tony DeRosa Steve Culpepper Kevin Culpepper Randy Williams
1983 Tenth Preicinct Dave Kolonia Steve Dewhurst Steve Loftis Mac Campbell
1982 Popular Choice Roger Ross Marshall Webb Dennis Aagaard Rusty Ross
1981 Grand Central Mike McGarry Roger Van Haden Cris Crites Tom Ball
1980 Southern Chord Exchange Bob Zimny Paul Fernando Wally Cluett Doug Barron
1979 Great Escape Buddy Lauraine Cris Crites Brent Warner Steve Venner
1978 Gatortown Good Time Harmony 4 Jim Billings Rob Lotzkar Mike Lotzkar Randy Loos
1977 Marksmen Mike McGarry Dave Brown John Lickert Bud Wilms
1976 Vocal Gentry Steve Culpepper Dick Kneeland Bob Boemler Irv Wells
1975 Knights of Gold Shelley Deering Bud Carpenter Clint Bostick Don Davis
1974 New Edition Barry Porter Bill Bell Bill Stahl Irv Wells
1973 Sunshine Association Dick Bame Dick Pinkerton Dick Shaw Cline Clary
1972 Right Approach Jim Crowley Bob Chapin John Lickert Dick Novak
1971 Song Machine Jeff Hanks Bill Seegmiller Bill Fox Jeb Stewart
1970 Tampa Beethovans Mike McGarry Keith Korneisel T. J. Morris Dan Priser
1969 Impact Al Ponterio Dick Pinkutar Bill Wood Bob Boemler
1968 Sunliners Bob Robar Eddie McAvoy Dave Strang Mike Prouty
1967 Interstate Four Dick Bame Ed Garreau Cline Clary Irv Wells
1966 Ringmasters Keith Korneisel Wally West Joe Griffith Wally Singleton
1965 Nocturnes Al Ponterio Ed Garreau Bill Wood Chuck Prichett
1964 Sunshine Four Bob Robar Eddie McAvoy Jesse Dean Don Davis
1963 Counterpoints Lee Plaskoff Del Walke Jesse Dean Dick Frambach
1962 Gator State Four Jack Baker Bob Chapin Bill Billings Jr. Roy Dean
1961 Gladesmen Rik Ogden Steve Keiss Dave Covalt Bob Boemler
1960 Coral Keys Nick Apollony Bill Tremblay Grover Baker Roy Dean
1959 Suntones Gene Cokeroft Bob Franklin Bill Wyatt Bill Cain


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