Sunshine District History
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Historical Highlights of the Sunshine Association of Chapters

1938 – SPEBSQSA Inc. was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma on April 11th.

1945 – Tampa Chapter was chartered on May 29th. The founder was Bob Aldrich, a Barbershopper from Tulsa who came across the Florida Four (Dick Jackson, Beal Siler, Sam and Fred Breedon) and expanded them into the first Chapter in what would ultimately become the Sunshine District. At this time the Society had 169 Chapters and 8,064 members.

1948 – The 13th District, The Dixie District, was formed on February 21st, composed of 10 chapters in 9 states. What came to be know as the Citrus Region included only Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Miami. Membership was at 424 out of 22,348 in 439 Chapters. Warren Zinsmaster of Miami became our first President and in 1949 our first International Bard member. The first Parade (show) in the South was held by the Tampa Chapter in February. Eleven quartets (8 from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Miami, and West Palm Beach) competed in the First Regional Preliminary hosted by Birmingham, Alabama on November 28th. This first Dixie Championship was won by Tampa’s Florida Knights (Kit Carson, Sam Breedon, Fred Breedon, and Bill Bond).

1949 – The Florida Knights went on to become the first quartet to represent our Southern states at the 11th International Convention, where they competed against 39 quartets in Buffalo, New York. The winning quartet was the Mid-States Four.

1951 – The Antlers from Miami (Junior Morton, Barry Brooks, Wally Swentzel, and Bill Schindler) became the first medalists, taking 4th place in Toledo, Ohio.

1952 – Sam Breedon, of Tampa was the first Citrus Region member to qualify for the permanent Judges Panel.

1953 – What became the first of many Labor Day Jamborees was hosted by the Venice Chapter, attended by 14 of 17 chapters. After dropping to 6th place in 1952 in Kansas City, Missouri, The Antlers medaled again with a 5th place Detroit, Michigan finish.

1954 – The Suncoast Chorus of St. Petersburg, directed by Glenn Boring, became the first Citrus Region chorus to compete internationally at the Society’s second annual contest, held in Washington D.C.

1955 – Miami hosted the 17th International Convention, chaired by Bill Hall.

1957 – Miami, with 188 members, became the second largest chapter in the Society.

1957 – The Citrus Region dropped it’s Southern accent by seceding from the Dixie District to become the Society’s 15th district on April 18th. It’s 15 chapters had 699 members leaving the Dixie District with 788 members to effect it’s second period of reconstruction. The birth was fathered by Joe Griffith of St. Petersburg, who was honored by our first presidency. Sam Breedon was elected to serve as Immediate Past President. The Short Cuts from Miami (Junior Morton, Charlie Johnson, Jesse Dean, and Bill Muhn) won 5th place medals at the International Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Ft. Lauderdale’s Chorus, under the direction of Bob Boemler, represented both Dixie and Sunshine Districts at the International Convention.

1961 – The Suntones (Gene Cokeroft, Bob Franklin, Bill Cain, and Harlan Wilson) of Miami and West Palm Beach, became International Champions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1964 – Joe Griffith became our first International Vice President. The Miamians, directed by Bob Boemler, took 2nd place in San Antonio, Texas.

1965 – Bob Boemler took the Miamians to Boston for a first place Trophy.

1966 – The Coastmen of West Palm Beach, directed by Harlan Wilson, became medalists in Chicago, Illinois with a 4th place finish.

1971 – Sunshine District hosted the first of many International Mid-Winter conventions via a cruise from Miami to Nassau.

1974 – After 15 years Sunshine had grown to 1,254 members and 24 Chapters in 4 Divisions, Goldcoast, Suncoast, Gateway, and the Panhandle.

1976 – The Coastman, of Palm Beach County competed in San Francisco, California. This marked an unprecedented 8th International Convention appearance in an eleven year span, all under the direction of Harlan Wilson.

1977 – Sunshine District hosted the Mid-Winter Convention in Orlando.

1979 – Sunshine District hosted the Mid-Winter Convention in Sarasota.

1980 – Hank Vomacka, of Sarasota, was elected an International Vice President.

1983 – Hank Vomacka was elected International President. Sunshine District hosted the Mid-Winter Convention in Sarasota.

1984 – Sunshine District celebrated 25 years with 33 chapters and 1,694 members in 6 Areas, Goldcoast, Suncoast, Gateway, Panhandle, Central, and Gulfcoast.

1985 – On July 31st, Sunshine District became the 11th largest district, outgrowing it’s mother district, Dixie District. If the Dixie split had never taken place, we would today be the 3rd largest district in the Society. **

1987 – Sunshine hosted the Mid-Winter convention in Sarasota.

1988 – Society and Sunshine District celebrate SPEBSQSA’s fiftieth birthday. **

1989 – The Sidekicks, (Bill Billings, Randy Loos, Harold Nantz, and Dave LaBar) medal by finishing 4th at the Kansas City, Missouri Convention. Sunshine District celebrated 30 years with 35 Chapters, 85 registered quartets, and 1778 members in 6 areas. Sunshine District’s “Mr. Barbershop” Sam Breedon passed away shortly before the Spring Convention, after 50 years singing in Harmony. Keepsake (Roger Ross, Joe Connelly, Tony De Rosa, and Don Barnick) medaled by finishing 2nd at the convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

1991 – Sunshine District hosted the Mid-Winter Convention in Tampa.

1992 – Keepsake (Roger Ross, Joe Connelly, Tony DeRosa, and Don Barnick) became International Quartet Champions in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dick Shaw became an International Vice President.

1993 – Tim Hanrahan became an International Vice President.

1994 – Sunshine District hosted the Mid-Winter Convention in Sarasota. Sunshine District celebrated 35 years with 34 chapters, 71 quartets, and 1757 members in 6 areas.

1995 – Miami hosted the International Convention in Miami Beach, chaired by Gene Cokeroft. Dick Shaw became International President. Backbeat (Harold Nantz, Sean Milligan, Randy Loos, and Bill Billings) became 5th Place Medalists at the Miami International Convention.

1996 – Tim Hanrahan became International President. The Mid-Winter International Convention was held in Jacksonville.

1997 – Tim Hanrahan repeated as International President.

1998 – Sunshine District hosted the Mid-Winter International Convention in Tampa.

2000 – Platinum (Gary Lewis, Joe Connelly, Kevin Miles and Tony De Rosa) become International Quartet Champions in Kansas City, Missouri.

2001 – Sunshine District hosted the International Mid-Winter Convention in Jacksonville.

2004 – Sunshine District hosted the International Mid-Winter Convention in Jacksonville.

2010 – Sunshine District hosted the International Mid-Winter Convention in Tampa.

2014 – The Academy (Andrew Lujan, Peter Cunningham. Kevin Mendez, Michael Skutt)  wins the College competition

2013 – Sunshine District hosted the Mid-Winter International Convention in Orlando.

2017 – Main Street (Roger Ross, Tony DeRosa, Mike McGee, Myron Whittlesey) become International Quartet Champions

2018 – Sunshine District hosted the International Convention in Orlando.

2019 – Signature (Paul Saca, Daniel Cochran, Will Rodriquez, Dan Waltz) become International Quartet Champions

2023 – Sunshine District hosted the Mid-Winter International Convention in Daytona Beach

Past International Officers and Board Members
Past International Officers and Board Members

International Presidents

1983 Hank Vomacka Sarasota
1985 Dick Shaw Polk County
1996-97 Tim Hanrahan Greater Canaveral
2013-14 Shannon Elswick Clermont

International Board Members

1948-49 Warren Zinmaster Miami
1949-50 Sam Breedon Tampa
1951-52 Harley Miller Tampa
1953-54 Mert Barrett St. Petersburg
1954-55 Bill Hall Miami


1948-52 Warren Zinmaster Miami
1952-55 Harley Miller Tampa
1955-57 Bill Hall Miami


1959-61 Sterling Wilson Daytona Beach
1962-63 Joe Griffith St. Petersburg
1964-67 Bob Dollison Orlando
1968-69 Bob Boemler Greater Canaveral
1970-71 Bill Oehrtman Orlando
1972-75 Hank Vomacka Sarasota
1976-77 Brett White Miami
1978-81 Stew Nichols Greater Canaveral
1982-83 Bert Warshaw Miami
1984-85 Al Woodard Palm Beach County
1986-87 Brett White Winter Park
1988-90 Dick Shaw Polk County
1990-91 Tim Hanrahan Greater Canaveral
1992-93 Dave Kolonia Ocala
1994-96 Ned Fogler St. Petersburg
1997-99 Charlie Rose Rocky Mount, NC
2000 Larry Swan Sarasota
2000-02 Wayne Brozovich Tampa
2003-05 Thom Hine Kennesaw, GA
2006-07 Dan Brinkmann Melbourne
2008-12 Shannon Elswick Clermont
2013-14 Randy Loos Frank Thorne
Randy Loos Tampa
Sunshine District Presidents


1948-49 Warren Zinmaster Miami
1949-50 Sam Breedon Tampa
1951-52 Harley Miller Tampa
1953-54 Merton Barrett St. Petersburg
1954-55 William Hall Miami
1958-59 Joe Griffith St. Petersburg


1959-60 Joe Griffith St. Petersburg
1961-62 Sam Stahl St. Petersburg
1962 Joe Griffith St. Petersburg
1963 Bob Dollison Orlando
1964 Fred Breedon Jacksonville
1965 Bob Boemler Miami
1966 Bill Oehrtman Orlando
1967 Hank Vomacka Sarasota
1968 Dave Wright West Palm Beach
1969 Charlie Linker Ft. Lauderdale
1970-71 Ken McKee St. Petersburg
1971-72 Brett White Palm Beach County
1973-74 Hank Williams Pensacola
1975-76 Stew Nichols Greater Canaveral
1977-78 Bert Warshaw Miami
1979 Dick Ott Sarasota
1980-81 Al Woodard Palm Beach County
1982-83 Brett White Miami
1984-85 Dick Shaw Polk County
1986-87 Tim Hanrahan Greater Canaveral
1995 Frank Caldarazzo Orlando
1996-97 Larry Swan Sarasota
1998-99 Dave Parker Greater Jacksonville
2000-01 Don Anderson Melbourne
2002-03 Jack Brueckman Tampa
2004-05 Dan Brinkman Melbourne
2006-07 Shannon Elswick Clermont
2008-09 Bill Billings Tampa
2010-11 Keith Hopkins Winter Park
2012-13 John Spang Ocala
2014-16 Nick Schwob Tampa
2017-22 Chuck Steiner Tampa
Bruce Checca Sebring, Sunrise


Sunshine District Quartet International Champions

1961 Suntones (Miami, West Palm Beach County) (Gene Cokeroft, Bob Franklin, Harlan Wilson, Bill Cain)

1992 Keepsake (Orlando, Winter Park, Polk County) (Roger Ross, Joe Connelly, Tony DeRosa, Don Barnick)

1997 Saturday’s Heroes – Seniors (Cape Coral, Charlotte County) (Dave Wilkinson, Joe Mazzone, Neal Plum, Bob Summers)

1999 Station 59 – College (Univ. of Florida) (Reginald Mobley, Chris Coffee, Michael O”Neill, R. Scott Norman)

2000 Platinum (Tampa) (Gary Lewis, Joe Connelly, Tony DeRosa, Kevin Miles)

2014 The Academy – College (Andrew Lujan, Peter Cunningham. Kevin Mendez, Michael Skutt)

2017 Main Street (Frank Thorne, Orlando, Tampa) (Roger Ross, Tony DeRosa, Mike McGee, Myron Whittlesey)

2019 Signature (Paul Saca, Daniel Cochran, Will Rodriquez, Dan Waltz)

Sunshine District International Quartet Medalists

1949-51 ANTLERS (Miami) (Harry Morton, Barney Brooks, Bill Schindler, Hap Augsbury)

1959 Short Cuts (Miami) (Harry Morton, Charlie Johnson,, Jesse Dean, Bill Muhn)

1987 Gold ‘N Time – Seniors (Orlando) (Bob Boemler, Ed McAvoy, Manny Higgins, Grover Baker)

1989 Sidekicks (Tampa, Winter Park) (Harold Nantz, Dave LaBar, Bill Billings, Randy Loos)

1991 Keepsake Orlando, Winter Park, Polk County) (Roger Ross, Joe Connelly, Tony DeRosa, Don Barnick)

1995 Backbeat (St. Petersburg, Tampa, Winter Park) (Harold Nantz, Sean Milligan, Bill Billings, Randy Loos)

2003-04 Fortissimo – College Daniel Cochran, Juan Amarilla, Julian Osorio, Amos Velez

2005 Fortissimo – College Daniel Cochran, Paul Saca, Juan Amarilla, Amos Velez

2006 Ebbets Field – College Matthew Feld, Paul Saca, Alex Rubin, Amos Velez

2007-09 On Demand – College Tristan St. John, Paul Saca, Jamie Breedon, Amos Velez

2013-14 The Sunny Boys – College Edward Mejia, Alberto Rico, Nick Gordon, Christian Diaz

2012-16 Main Street – Roger Ross, Tony DeRosa, Mike McGee, Myron Whittlesey

2015-18 Throwback – Paul Saca, Sean Devine, Alex Rubin, Michael Skutt

2019-2023 Throwback – Dan Rubin, Sean Devine, Alex Rubin, Michael Skutt

2016-18 Signature – Will Rodriguez, Daniel Cochran, Matt Clancy, Dan Waltz

2019 Signature – Paul Saca, Daniel Cochran, Will Rodriguez, Dan Waltz

2023 Three and a Half Men – Joseph De Rosa, Josh Szolomayer, Anthony De Rosa, Christopher Keough

Sunshine District Quartets at International Competition
1951 Toledo, OH Antlers
1953 Detroit, MI Antlers
1959 Chicago Short Cuts
1960 Dallas Short Cuts, Suntones
1961 Philadelphia Suntones
1962 Kansas City Gator State Four, Gladesmen
1963 Toronto Counterpoints, Gator State Four, Gladesmen
1964 San Antonio Gator State Four, Gladesmen, Ringmasters
1965 Boston Gator State Four, Gladesmen, Sunshine Four
1966 Chicago Gladesmen, Ringmasters
1967 Los Angeles Interstate Four, Rebels
1968 Cincinnati Interstate Four, Sunliners
1969 St. Louis Interstate Four, Sunliners
1970 Atlantic City Impacts, Interstate Four
1971 New Orleans Impacts, Interstate Four
1972 Atlanta Impacts, Interstate Four
1973 Portland Right Approach, Sunshine Association
1974 Kansas City New Edition, Sunshine Association
1975 Indianapolis Sunshine Association
1976 San Francisco Act IV, Suncoasters
1977 Philadelphia Marksmen, Vocal Gentry
1978 Cincinnati Gatortown Good Time Harmony 4, Marksmen
1979 Minneapolis Gatortown Good Time Harmony 4, Great Escape
1980 Salt Lake City Center of Attraction, Great Escape
1981 Detroit Sunshine Chord Company
1982 Pittsburgh Everglades Harmony Convention, Grand Central, Popular Choice
1983 Seattle Grand Central, Southern Blend
1984 Saint Louis Grand Central, Tenth Precinct
1985 Minneapolis Cypress Chord Company, Grand Central
1986 Salt Lake City Cheerful Noise, Sidekicks
1987 Hartford Cheerful Noise, Sidekicks
1988 San Antonio One Shot Deal, Sidekicks, Southwest Florida Road Show
1989 Kansas City One Shot Deal, Sidekicks, Vintage
1990 San Francisco Florida Transfer, One Shot Deal, Sidekicks
1991 Louisville Cavaliers, Keepsake
1992 New Orleans Keepsake, Starlight Express
1993 Calgary Backbeat, Shenanigan
1994 Pittsburgh Backbeat, Gotcha, Shenanigan
1995 Miami Backbeat, Shenanigan
1996 Salt Lake City Backbeat
1997 Indianapolis Backbeat
1998 Atlanta Bayside Edition, Done Deal
1999 Anaheim Juke Box, PLATINUM, Wise Guys
2000 Kansas City PLATINUM, Wise Guys
2001 Nashville Autograph, Endeavor, Raise The Roof, Wise Guys
2002 Portland Autograph, Endeavor, Wise Guys
2003 Montreal Autograph, Endeavor, Wise Guys
2004 Louisville Category 4, My Three Sons, Rounders, Wise Guys
2005 Salt Lake City Rounders
2006 Indianapolis Hot Shots, Last Call, My Three Sons
2007 Denver Last Call, Rounders
2008 Nashville On Demand, Rounders
2009 Anaheim Attraction, Harmonious Hunks, Lucky Day, On Demand, The Pursuit
2010 Philadelphia The Pursuit
2011 Kansas City Flashback, Main Street, The Pursuit
2012 Portland Main Street, The Pursuit, Throwback
2013 Toronto Main Street, The Society, Throwback
2014 Las Vegas Main Street, The Society, Throwback
2015 Pittsburgh Main Street, Signature, Throwback
2016 Nashville Main Street, Throwback, Signature, Rooftop Records, Vantage Point, Fuego
2017 Las Vegas Main Street, Signature, Throwback, Rooftop Records, Fuego
2018 Orlando Signature, Throwback, Rooftop Records, The Simple Life
2019 Salt Lake City Signature, Throwback, Rooftop Records
2022 Charlotte Throwback
2023 Louisville Three and a Half Men, Throwback


Sunshine District Choruses at International Competition
1959 Chicago 14th Fort Lauderdale Bob Boemler
1960 Dallas 13th Tampa Sam Breedon
1961 Philadelphia 15th Miami Grover Baker
1962 Kansas City 13th Orlando Stan Harris
1963 Toronto 12th Orlando Stan Harris
1964 San Antonio 2nd (Medalist) Miami Bob Boemler
1965 Boston 1st (Champions) Miami Bob Boemler
1966 Chicago 4th (Medalist) West Palm Beach Harlan Wilson
1967 Los Angelos 7th West Palm Beach Harlan Wilson
1968 Cincinnati 8th West Palm Beach Harlan Wilson
1969 St. Louis 8th St. Petersburg Keith Korneisel
1970 Atlantic City 15th St. Petersburg Keith Korneisel
1971 New Orleans 13th Miami Gene Cokeroft
1972 Atlanta 9th Palm Beach County Harlan Wilson
1973 Portland 11th Palm Beach County Harlan Wilson
1974 Kansas City 10th Palm Beach County Harlan Wilson
1975 Indianapolis 10th Palm Beach County Harlan Wilson
1976 San Francisco 15th Palm Beach County Harlan Wilson
1977 Philadelphia 12th Miami Gene Cokeroft
1978 Cincinnati 11th Miami Gene Cokeroft
1979 Minneapolis 11th Palm Beach County Harlan Wilson
1980 Salt Lake City 16th St. Petersburg Sam Breedon
1981 Detroit 16th Palm Beach County Harlan Wilson
1982 Pittsburgh 11th Orlando Burt Szabo
1983 Seattle 13th Orlando Burt Szabo
1984 St. Louis 16th Orlando Bob Boemler
1985 Minneapolis 10th Orange Park Chuck Griffith
1986 Salt Lake City 8th Orange Park Chuck Griffith
1987 Hartford 8th Orange Park Chuck Griffith
1988 San Antonio 8th Polk County Joe DeRosa
1989 Kansas City 13th Polk County Joe DeRosa
1990 San Francisco 13th Jacksonville Big O Chuck Griffith
1991 Louisville 10th Jacksonville Big O Chuck Griffith
1992 New Orleans 14th Tampa Joe DeRosa
1993 Calgary 18th Tampa Joe DeRosa
1994 Pittsburgh 14th Tampa Joe DeRosa
1995 Miami 15th Tampa Tony DeRosa
1996 Salt Lake City 10th Tampa Tony DeRosa
1997 Indianapolis 9th Tampa Tony DeRosa
1998 Atlanta 10th Tampa Tony DeRosa
1999 Anaheim 15th Tampa Tony DeRosa
2000 Kansas City 13th Tampa Tony DeRosa
2001 Nashville 12TH Tampa Tony DeRosa
2002 Portland 14th Tampa Tony DeRosa
2003 Montreal 16th Tampa Kirk Young
2004 Louisville 14th Tampa Randy Loos
2005 Salt Lake City 20th Tampa Roger Ross
2006 Indianapolis 17th First Coast Metro Mike McGee
2007 Denver 17th Tampa Bill Billings
2008 Nashville 27th Tampa Bill Billings
2009 Anaheim 24th Tampa Bill Billings
2010 Philadelphia 19th Jacksonville Big O Tony DeRosa
2010 Philadelphia 23rd Sarasota Don Clause
2011 Kansas City 18th Jacksonville Big O Tony DeRosa
2011 Kansas City 24th Tampa Steve Jamison
2012 Portland 13th Sunrise Alex Rubin
2012 Portland 17th Jacksonville Big O Tony DeRosa
2013 Toronto 8th Sunrise Alex Rubin
2014 Las Vegas 18th Sunrise Alex Rubin
2015 Pittsburgh 9th Tampa Tony De Rosa
2015 Pittsburgh 16th Sunrise Alex Rubin
2016 Nashville 19th Sunrise Alex Rubin
2017 Las Vegas 11th Tampa Tony DeRosa
2018 Orlando 6th Tampa Tony DeRosa
2018 Orlando 15th Jacksonville Jay Giallombardo
2019 Salt Lake City 8th Tampa Tony DeRosa
2023 Louisville 3rd Tampa Tony DeRosa
Sunshine District Quartet Champions
1959 Suntones Miami, Palm Beach County Gene Cokeroft Bob Franklin Bill Wyatt Bill Cain
1960 Coral Keys Miami Nick Apoliony Bill Tremblay Grover Baker Roy Dean
1961 Gladesmen Miami Rik Ogden Steve Keiss Dave Covalt Bob Boemler
1962 Gator State Four St. Petersburg Jack Baker Bob Chapin Bill Billings Roy Dean
1963 Counterpoints Miami Lee Ploskoff Del Walke Jesse Dean Dick Franlock
1964 Sunshine Four Miami Bob Robar Eddie McAvoy Jesse Dean Don Davis
1965 Nocturnes Orlando Al Ponterio Ed Garreau Bill Wood Chuck Prichett
1966 Ringmasters St. Petersburg Keith Korneisel Wally West Joe Griffith Wally Singleton
1967 Interstate Four Orlando, Polk County Dick Bame Ed Garreau Cline Clary Irv Wells
1968 Sunliners Miami Bob Robar Eddie McAvoy Dave Strang Mike Prouty
1969 Impact Orlando Al Ponterio Dick Pinkerton Bill Wood Bob Boemler
1970 Tampa Beethovans St. Petersburg Mike McGarry Keith Korneisel T.J. Morris Dan Priser
1971 Song Machine Pensacola Jeff Hanks Bill Seegmiller Bill Fox Jeb Stewart
1972 Right Approach St. Petersburg Jim Crowley Bob Chapin Don Right Dick Novak
1973 Sunshine Association Polk County Dick Bame Dick Pinkerton Dick Shaw Cline Clary
1974 New Edition Polk County Barry Porter Bill Bell Bill Stahl Irv Wells
1975 Knights of Gold Miami, Palm Beach County Shelly Deering Bud Carpenter Clint Bostick Don Davis
1976 Vocal Gentry Orlando, Polk County Steve Culpepper Dick Kneeland Bob Boemler Irv Wells
1977 Marksmen St. Petersburg Mike McGarry Dave Brown John Lickert Bud Wilms
1978 Gatortown Good Time Harmony 4 Gainesville, St. Petersburg Jim Billings Rob Lotzkar Mike Lotzkar Randy Loos
1979 Great Escape Palm Beach County Buddy Lauraine Chris Crites Brent Warner Steve Venner
1980 Southern Chord Exchange Lehigh, Sarasota, Tampa Bob Zimny Paul Fernando Wally Cluett Doug Barron
1981 Grand Central Miami, Palm Beach County Mike McGarry Roger Van Haden Chris Crites Tom Ball
1982 Popular Choice Orlando Roger Ross Marshall Webb Dennis Aagaard Rusty Ross
1983 Tenth Precinct Polk County Dave Kolonia Steve Dewhurst Steve Loftis Mac Campbell
1984 Cypress Chord Club Polk County Tony DeRosa Steve Culpepper Kevin Culpepper Randy Williams
1985 Cheerful Noise Orlando, Polk County, St. Petersburg, Tampa Gene O”Dell Roger Ross Bill Billings Paul Agnew
1986 Sidekicks Tampa, Winter Park Harold Nantz Dave LaBar Don Barnick Randy Loos
1987 High Gear Gainesville, Winter Park Mack Tyner Rob Lotzkar Eric Christenson Scott Gross
1988 One Shot Deal Polk County, Tampa, Winter Park Sean Milligan Roger Ross Tony DeRosa Tim Brozovich
1989 Vintage Jacksonville Big O Dave Byrd Brett Cleveland Mark Hildebrand Dave Kinnell
1990 Saturday’s Heroes Fort Myers Walt Smith Dave Wilkinson Don Clause Jr. Bob Summers
1991 Keepsake Orlando, Polk County, Tampa, Winter Park Roger Ross Joe Connelly Tony DeRosa Don Barnick
1992 Shenanigans Fort Myers, Sarasota, Tampa Al Rehkop Dave LaBar Glenn Van Tassell Tim Brozovich
1993 Backbeat St. Petersburg, Tampa, Winter Park Harold Nantz Sean Milligan Bill Billings Randy Loos
1994 Cigar City Four Tampa Wayne Helbig Andy Taft Arnie Helbig Steve Singleton
1995 Genuine Article Cape Coral, Miami, Plantation Marc Cammer Kevin Ferguson Chris Uhle Joe Fair
1996 Done Deal Tampa, Miami Jeff Finney John Wilshusen George Bower Tom Ball
1997 Bayside Edition Tampa, St. Petersburg. Citrus County Jim Billings Sean Milligan Bill Billings Tim Brozovich
1998 Wise Guys First Coast Metro Mike Love Mark Schlinkert Brett Cleveland Chris Connelly
1999 PLATINUM Tampa Gary Lewis Joe Connelly Tony DeRosa Kevin Miles
2000 Endeavor First Coast Metro Trey Allen Sean Milligan Ken Delaney Kenny Sobolewski
2001 Autograph Frank Thorne, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale Jeff Finney Alex Rubin Dan Rubin Tom Ball
2002 Two-Timers Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa Dan Rubin Tim Perenich Alex Rubin Tom Bronson
2003 My Three Sons Sarasota David Ditchfield Michael Ditchfield Nathaniel Ditchfield Stephan Ditchfield
2004 Rounders First Coast Metro, Ft. Lauderdale Alex Rubin Sean Milligan Kenneth Delaney Dan Rubin
2005 Last Call Tampa Byron Poore Mark Schlinkert Bill Billings Jerry Johnson
2006 HotShots Ft. Lauderdale James Kastler Andrew Borts Mitch Greenberg Paul Agnew
2007 Wise Guys Reunion Jacksonville, Tampa Chad Bennett Mark Schlinkert Brett Cleveland Jerry Johnson
2008 On Demand Ft. Lauderdale, Frank Thorne Tristan St. John Paul Saca James Breedon Amos Velez
2009 Lucky Day Orlando, Greendale, WI, Lincoln, TX, Western Hills, OH Roger Ross Eric Bell Paul Gilman Jay Hawkins
2010 The Pursuit   Chad Bennett Chris Coffee Jeremy Conover Paul Agnew
2011 Main Street Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Frank Thorne Roger Ross Tony DeRosa Mike McGee Myron Whittlesey
2012 Flashback Winter Park, Tampa Harold Nantz Mark Schlinkert Bill Billings Bryan Hevel
2013 The Society   Thor Young Andrew Borts Kevin Mendez Amos Velez
2014 Throwback   Paul Saca Sean Devine Alex Rubin Michael Skutt
2015 Signature   Will Rodriguez Daniel Cochran Matt Clancy Dan Walz
2016 Rooftop Records Orlando, Tallahassee, Frank Thorne Chase Guyton Dustin Guyton Jamie Breedon Jackson Pinder
2017 The Simple Life Sunrise, Frank Thorne, Miami, Nashville Andrew Lujan Ryan Modrall Kevin Mendez Mike O’Neill
2018 Headline   Tim Perenich Shawn Thomas Alex Sturgill Tom Bronson
2019 Bourbon Brothers Orlando, Tampa Matt Nelson Christian Espinoza Alex Kuen Matthew Boutwell
2022 Exclusive Cherry Hill, NJ,Hershey, PA, Miami. Mount Pleasant, SC, Sunrise, Frank Thorne Eddie Mejia Albert Rico Jeff Gray Thomas Moyer
2023 Three and a Half Men Tampa, Frank Thorne Joseph De Rosa Josh Szolomeyer Anthony De Rosa Christopher Keough
Sunshine District Senior Quartet Champions
1985 Bradentones Sarasota, Manatee County George Hulst Art Mould Don Davis Frank Folckemer
1986 Golden Time Orlando Bob Boemler Ed McAvoy Mandy Higgins Grover Baker
1988 Yesterday’s Generation St. Petersburg T.C. Morris Ed Bolander Keith Korneisel Bud Wilms
1989 Sounds incredible Sarasota Bill McAdoo Hank Vomacka Bob King Howard Gollnick
1990 Old Routine St. Petersburg Jack Baker Keith Korneisel Owen Murray Bill Frost
1992 Saturday’s Heroes Cape Coral, Charlotte County Walt Smith Dave Wilkinson Neil Plum Bob Summers
1995 Midnight Ramblers Palm Beach County Al Woodard Dick Grayson Ron Tarr Rildo Garell
1996 Endangered Species St. Petersburg, Sarasota Jack Baker Keith Korneisel Ed Hinkley Bud Wilms
1997 What 4 Palm Beach County Woody Woodrow Nick Emanuelle Bruce Prince Tom Randolf
1998 Panhandlers Pensacola Cass Phillips Bill Flynn Bob Kean Jeb Stewart
1999 ASQ Tampa Ray Scalise Dave Roberts Bob Lang Jim Woods
2000 Original Cast Cape Coral Walt Smith Ron Loeffler Bart Plescia Richard Miller
2001 Sunshine Boys Frank Thorne, Orlando Bob Blackwood Jim McGraw Glenn Stockton Fred Dryden
2002 Four Really Old Guys Frank Thorne, First Coast Metro Harry Williamson Tim Delaney Gary Wetherby Jack Lang
2003 Fourth Quarter Tampa Dave Roberts Kent Jenkins Bob Lang Wayne Brozovich
2004 The Sun-Birds Naples Robert Boyd Ed Smith Eric Ernst Ed Aucoin
2005 Herald Square Tampa Dave Roberts Don Shipp Kent Jenkins Lou Wurmnest
2006 Stay Tuned          
2007 SUNSET Hernando Doug Stewart Paul Brazil Bob Hannum Chuck Swenson
2008 Apackalypse Now          
2009 Great Western Timbre Co. Martin St. Lucie Roger Smeds Dwight Holmquist Jack Liddell Ron Black
2010 Crosstown Connection Naples, Central Florida, Northbrook, IL Marty Jahnel Ralph Brooks Don Smit Jim Schubert
2011 Double Play Tampa Ralph Brown Kent Jenkins Lynn Hinemann Charles Nelson
2012 OLD GUYS RULE Sarasota Dick Zarfos Bob Mitchell Jim Woods Hank Stromenger
2013 Beach Street Cape Coral Walt Smith Mike Suermondt Dave Barton Bob Brutsman
2014 Gulf Coasters Charlotte County, Frank Thorne Tim McShane Rod Johnson Bart Plescia Jack Slamka
2015 Equinox Jacksonville Big O, Tampa Ralph Brown Frank Bovino Jr. Wm Patrick Bauer Ed McKenzie
2016 Easy Street Tampa Paul Carter Dave Cross Charlie Nelson Bryan Hevel
2017 Easy Does It Naples, Central Florida Marty Jahnel Rob Schall Glenn Siebert Jim Shubert
2018 Gloryland Way Cape Coral, Frank Thorne Dave Donaldson Rod Johnson Steve Smith Bob Brutsman
2019 Upshot! Tampa Bruce Cokeroft, Jr Dave Cross Steve Culpepper Jack Slamka
2023 Right on Q Tampa, Frank Thorne Paul Carter Tim Perenich David Mills Bryan Hevel
Sunshine District Mixed Quartet Champions
2016 BELLAS AND FELLAS Jenifer Billings Jamie Billings Alex Rubin Jamie Breedon
2017 Pink Flamingo Jennifer Poore April Qualls Byron Poore Aaron Ledger
Sunshine District Chorus Champions
1961 Orange Blossom Chorus Orlando Stan Harris
1962 Orange Blossom Chorus Orlando Stan Harris
1963 The Miamians Miami Bob Boemler
1964 Suncoast Chorus St. Petersburg Earl Moon
1965 The Coastmen West Palm Beach Harlan Wilson
1966 Orange Blossom Chorus Orlando Mark Martorano
1967 The Canaveral Chorus Greater Canaveral Bob Boemler
1968 The Coastmen West Palm Beach Harlan Wilson
1969 Suncoast Chorus St. Petersburg Keith Korneisel
1970 The Miamians Miami Gene Cokeroft
1971 The Coastmen Palm Beach County Harlan Wilson
1972 Heralds of Harmony Central Pinellas Keith Korneisel
 1973  Orange Blossom Chorus  Orlando  Burt Szabo
 1974  The Coastmen  Palm Beach County  Harlan Wilson
 1975  Citrus Capital Chorus  Polk County  Barry Porter
 1976  Orange Blossom Chorus  Orlando  Dick Kneeland
 1977  The Miamians  Miami  Gene Cokeroft
 1978  The Coastmen  Palm Beach County  Harlan Wilson
 1979  Suncoast Chorus  St. Petersburg  Sam Breedon
 1980  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Roy Dean
 1981  The Coastmen  Palm Beach County  Harlan Wilson
 1982  Orange Blossom Chorus  Orlando  Burt Szabo
 1983  The Miamians  Miami  Gene Cokeroft
 1984  The Big Orange  Jacksonville Big O  Chuck Griffith
 1985  Pride of Polk  Polk County  Joe DeRosa
 1986  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Dave LaBar
 1987  The Big Orange  Jacksonville Big O  Chuck Griffith
 1988  Sunshine Jubilee  Winter Park  Marshall Webb
 1989  Orange Blossom Chorus  Orlando  Joe Connelly
 1990  The Big Orange  Jacksonville Big O  Chuck Griffith
 1991  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Joe DeRosa
 1992  Orange Blossom Chorus  Orlando  Joe Connolly
 1993  The Big Orange  Jacksonville Big O  Chuck Griffith
 1994  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Joe DeRosa
 1995  Cape Chorale  Cape Coral  Fred Farrell
 1996  The Big Orange  Jacksonville Big O  Chuck Griffith
 1997  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Tony DeRosa
 1998  The Metropolitans  First Coast Metro  Ed Williamson
 1999  Sunshine Jubilee  Winter Park  Marshall Webb
 2000  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Tony DeRosa
 2001  The Metropolitans  First Coast Metro  Ed Williamson
 2002  Sunshine Jubilee  Winter Park  Marshall Webb
 2003  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Kirk Yound
 2004  Chorus of the Keys  Sarasota  Stephan Ditchfield
 2005  The Metropolitans  First Coast Metro  Mike McGee
 2006  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Bill Billings
 2007  The Big Orange  Jacksonville Big O  Tony DeRosa
 2008  Sunshine Chordsmen  Ft. Lauderdale  Alex Rubin
 2009  One Voice  Sarasota  George Gipp
 2010  The Big Orange  Jacksonville Big O  Tony DeRosa
 2011  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Steve Jamison
 2012  THX – Total Harmony Xperience  Sunrise  Alex Rubin
 2013  The Miamians  Miami  Alex Rubin
 2014  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Tony DeRosa
 2015  The Big Orange  Jacksonville Big O  Tony DeRosa
 2016  THX – Total Harmony Xperience  Sunrise  Alex Rubin
 2017  Heralds of Harmony  Tampa  Tony DeRosa
 2018  The Big Orange  Jacksonville Big O  Jay Giallombardo
 2019 Orlando Harmony  Winter Park  Marshall Webb


Sunshine District Hall of Fame Inductees
 1983  Sam Breedon  St. Petersburg
 1984  Brett White  Miami
 1984  Hank Vomacka  Sarasota
 1984  Bob Boemler  Orlando
 1986  Gene Cokeroft  Miami
 1986  Harlan Wilson  Palm Beach County
 1987  Rik Ogden  Miami
 1988  Fred Anton  Tallahassee
 1988  Grover Baker  Orlando
 1989  Bert Warshaw  Plantation
 1990  Cline Clary  Polk County
 1991  Tim Hanrahan  Greater Canaveral
 1992  Al Woodard  Palm Beach County
 1992  Don Himmelman  Plantation
 1993  Dick Shaw  Polk County
 1994  Dave Kolonia  Ocala
 1995  Burt Szabo  Orlando
 1996  Fred Breedon  Greater Jacksonville
 1997  Stew Nichols  Greater Canaveral
 1998  Roger Ross  Celebration
 1999  Forry Haynes  Orlando
 1999  Bill Oehrtman  Orlando
 1999  Sandy Prickett  Cape Coral
 2000  Ned Fogler  St. Petersburg
 2001  Robert Romaine  Pensacola
 2002  Don Anderson  Melbourne
 2004  Joe DeRosa  Tampa
 2004  Bill Hall  Miami
 2005  Joe Breedon  Ft. Walton Beach
 2005  Wayne Brozovich  Tampa
 2006  Tony DeRosa  Tampa
 2007  Bill Billings  Tampa
 2007  Don Long  Tampa
 2009  Dave LaBar  Tampa
 2009  Randy Loos  Tampa
 2009  Lee Frayer  Frank Thorne
 2010  Shannon Elswick  Clermont
 2012  Mark Schlinkert  Tampa, Atlanta Metro
 2013  Keith Hopkins  Winter Park
 2014  Arne Helbig  Tampa
 2015  Alex Rubin  Miami, Sunrise
 2017  Jim Northrup (inducted posthumously)
 2017  Brian Hevel  Tampa
 2018  Dan Brinkmann  Melbourne
 2019  Harold Nantz  Winter Park
 2022  Roger Smeds  Martin/St Lucie, Sunrise
 2023  Dave Kannberg  Palm Beach County/Miami
 2023  Nick Schwob  Tampa
Sunshine District BOTYs
 1958  Fred Breedon  Jacksonville
 1959  Bob Boemler  Miami
 1960  Joe Griffith  St. Petersburg
 1961  Marshall Walsh  Jacksonville
 1962  Rik Ogden  Miami
 1963  Jesse Dean  Miami
 1964  Keith Korneisel  St. Petersburg
 1965  Hank Vomacka  Sarasota
 1966  Chuck Williams  Clearwater
 1967  Dick Ott  Sarasota
 1968  Cline Clary  Polk County
 1969  Jack Baker  St. Petersburg
 1970  Bill Wood  Orlando
 1971  Brett White  Palm Beach County
 1972  Barry Porter  Polk County
 1973  Burt Szabo  Orlando
 1974  Bill Stahl  Polk County
 1975  Bud Harvey  Martin County
 1976  Bert Warshaw  Miami
 1977  Fred Anton  Miami
 1978  Stew Nichols  Greater Canaveral
 1979  Grover Baker  Miami
 1980  Mike McGarry  St. Petersburg
 1981  Phil Lundeen  Sarasota/Venice
 1982  Jim Tobin  Sarasota
 1983   Al Woodard  Palm Beach County
 1984  Tim Hanrahan  Greater Canaveral
 1985  Bob Romaine  Pensacola
 1986  Dick Shaw  Polk County
 1987  Roger Ross  Winter Park
 1988  Bob Ross  Winter Park
 1989  Jim Simon  Tampa
 1990  Frank Caldarazzo  Orlando
 1991  Joe Breedon  Ft. Walton Beach
 1992  Bill Fowler  Tampa
 1993  Clair Chellberg  Ft. Walton Beach
 1994  Al Copp  Polk County
 1995  Gene Cokeroft  Miami
 1996  Larry Swan  Sarasota
 1997  Steve Aliapoulios  Palm Beach County
 1998  Ed Williamson  First Coast Metro
 1999  Jim Breedon  First Coast Metro
 2000  Shannon Elswick  Clermont
 2001  Steve Barrett  St. Petersburg
 2002  Bill Billings  Tampa
 2003  Bill Bernard  Central Florida
 2004  Dan Brinkmann  Melbourne
 2005  Dan Proctor  First Coast Metro
 2006  Ken Carter  Central Florida
 2007  Mark Schlinkert  Tampa, Atlanta Metro
 2008  Keith Hopkins  Winter Park
 2009  Bart Van de Mark  Martin-St. Lucie
 2010  Alex Rubin   Ft. Lauderdale
 2011  Chad Bennett  Winter Park
 2012  Nick Schwob  Tampa
 2013  Tony Fortune  Daytona Beach Metro
 2014  Dave Kannberg  Palm Beach County, Sunrise
 2015  Roger Smeds  Martin/St.Lucie, Sunrise
 2016  Sean Stork  Orlando
 2017  Tony DeRosa  Tampa
 2018  Byron Poore  Tallahassee
 2019  Chuck Steiner III  Tampa
 2022  Paul Agnew  Frank Thorne
 2023  Steve Cragg  Tampa
Martin Rubin Award Recipients
2016 Martin Rubin

2017 Louisa Kannberg