Sunshine District took 3 of the top 5 medals in International quartet competition this year in Salt Lake City, Utah. Signature brought home the 1st place Gold Medal with a total score of 8439, an average of 93.8%. Throwback took 2nd place Silver Medals with a total score of 8369, an average of 93.0%.  Rooftop Records made their first entry into the top 5 capturing a 4th place Bronze Medal with a total score of 8165, an average of 90.7%.

In the Next Generation Varsity Quartet competition, Sunshine District representative On Point took 8th place honors with a total score of 1334, an average of 74.1%.

Score sheets for International Quartet contests are below:

In the Chorus competition, Sunshine representative Heralds of Harmony from Tampa took 8th place with a total score of 2590, an average of 86.3%.

Score sheet for the International Chorus contest is below:

Well done, all Sunshine District competitors!