We have a great opportunity this year to represent our District at the Midwinter festival with a Sunshine Seniors Chorus! As you know, Midwinter will be in Jacksonville this year, so we will have no better opportunity to showcase our talents. We are hoping to have over 60 men join us on stage, and we need your help!
The Seniors Chorus will be a Sunshine District wide group of men 55 years or older. We have enlisted a great director, Jack Slamka of Power Play, as well as some talented folks to assist him in making this the best seniors chorus possible!
We will meet in small, regional “pods” to go over the music and interp a couple times in August and September. We will meet twice with the whole chorus under Jack’s direction: once at Labor Day Jamboree, and once again before the District Fall Convention. We will have to compete for a qualifying score before being invited to appear at Midwinter.
The songs will be:
The Sunshine Of Your Smile (Tom Gentry)
Taking A Chance On Love (Jay Giallombardo)
Charts and Tracks will be made available to anyone who is interested.
What: Sunshine Seniors Chorus, directed by Jack Slamka
Who: Any Sunshine District man over 55.
When: Midwinter Festival in January, District Convention in October, Rehearsals at LDJ and Regional Rehearsals TBD.
Where: LDJ and District Convention in Orlando, Midwinter Festival in Jacksonville.
How much: In order to qualify you will need an all-events registration at the District Contest as well as any necessary Midwinter registrations. We are also asking a $10/man additional registration fee.
Why: To offset the cost of arrangement fees and learning materials.
What to do next: Please ask publish this letter and give us a head count of those in your membership who are interested. Get back to me (VP of Music, Sean Stork to music@sunshinedistrict.org) and I will distribute to you the learning materials and keep you posted about rehearsal schedules. If you have any further questions, please let me know.
Sean Christopher Stork