Thanks for the great turnout at the District Convention April 26 – 28, 2013!

A great contest with a lot of participants and a lot of winners, including a very successful inaugural Very Large Quartet Contest!

Quartets scoring 1824 points or greater qualify for the International Quartet Contest in July. Congratulations to our Quartet Qualifiers – Main Street (2101 pts.) and The Society (1837 pts.)!

Also, all three Collegiate Quartet competitors qualified for the Harmony Foundation Collegiate Quartet in July in Toronto. Collegiate quartets scoring 852 or greater qualify. So congratulations – The Sunny Boys (906 pts.), Ballistic (898 pts.), and Kickback (867 pts)!

Congratulations to the Miamians for winning the District Chorus Championship, as well as the District Most Improved Chorus! And kudos to Miami, Fort Walton Beach, Hernando County and Orlando for earning Grade Level Improvements!

Beach Street is the new Seniors District Champion and Slice of Big Orange is the District Very Large Quartet Champion.

And a big round of applause for our ne Sunshine District Barbershopper of the Year – Nick Schwob! Nick is from the Tampa Chapter and is currently the Executive Vice President of the Sunshine District Board.

Don’t forget to line up the troops for the Sunshine District Fall Convention,

October 11- 13, 2013 at the Orlando Airport Mariott! See you there!