As you know, the difficult but correct decision was made to cancel the Spring Convention due to the rapid news, spread, and “unknowns” concerning the COVID-19 virus. We know that some are disappointed, some grateful, but most all of us are both of those.


The options for your registrations are as follows:

  1. Full refund

  2. Transfer to Fall 2020 Convention

If you would like a refund, please send an email with the ticket purchaser’s name, and order number (if you have it) to

If you would like a transfer to Fall, please email with your name, and all of the names in your order to be transferred to Fall. (We thought that you could do this yourself, but we were incorrect; we are happy to complete this transfer for you) You may also reply to this email with the required information and we will make the transfer happen.

CHORUS MEMBERS via your CHORUS MANAGERS (or Leadership): Exact same options as above…But it would help us tremendously if you would please send a single list of each of your members’ preference as one collective group. One chorus already took the initiative to do this and it made the process so much easier. Name of Member, and one preference: Refund or Transfer.


For any questions, please send an email to:

As for the hotel- the individual property is sticking to its 24 hour cancellation rule, although they are still working through it with us. This does not mean that Marriott Corporate cannot override them and do the right thing, so we are asking that you PLEASE contact Marriott Customer Service directly at 1(800) 535-4028 to request a refund or open a case.

The state of Florida was under a state of emergency at the time of the convention cancellation, and the Governor had just recommended that groups of 250+ not gather, hence the convention cancellation. Marriott should do the right thing and refund that night for those of you that did not cancel in time.

UPDATE: All hope is not lost; we are still working with the hotel as our contract language supersedes Marriott’s corporate “24 hour cancellation” policy.

Again, thank you all for your patience while we sort through this. And thanks to those that have already quickly responded with their choice!

The kind words and understanding actions of our membership has carried the Events Team through this; we are here to assist you, our Sunshine Family.

Stay safe, all!

Events Team

Sunshine District Events Team