Spring 2023 Sunshine District Contest

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Semi-Finals Loop

Chorus Loop

Finals Loop

Quartet Semi-Finals Loop

District Senior Quartet Championship contest is single round only, International Preliminary Quartet Qualifier is elimination round and Finals.

OrderQuartetContestWarm Up RoomWarm UpMoveOn DeckOn Deck RoomOn Stage
1Welcome / MC Intro06:30 PM
2MC Announcements06:32 PM
3Mic Tester - QuartetQuartet - Mic TesterLegends 106:07 PM06:32 PM06:34 PMHallway behind stage06:37 PM
4GeezairesQuartet - Prelim / SeniorsLegends 206:16 PM06:41 PM06:43 PMHallway behind stage06:46 PM
5FULL OCTAVEQuartet - Seniors OnlyLegends 306:25 PM06:50 PM06:52 PMHallway behind stage06:55 PM
64 for 4Quartet - Prelims 2 RoundLegends 106:34 PM06:59 PM07:01 PMHallway behind stage07:04 PM
7Cruise ControlQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundLegends 206:43 PM07:08 PM07:10 PMHallway behind stage07:13 PM
8Better Days AheadQuartet - Prelim / SeniorsLegends 306:52 PM07:17 PM07:19 PMHallway behind stage07:22 PM
9Three and a Half MenQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundLegends 107:01 PM07:26 PM07:28 PMHallway behind stage07:31 PM
104 Guys No FriesQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundLegends 207:16 PM07:41 PM07:43 PMHallway behind stage07:46 PM
11Right on QQuartet - Seniors OnlyLegends 307:25 PM07:50 PM07:52 PMHallway behind stage07:55 PM
12Achilles and the Three HeelsQuartet - Seniors OnlyLegends 107:34 PM07:59 PM08:01 PMHallway behind stage08:04 PM
13INTERMISSION (5 min)08:13 PM
14C&J Draw & Eval Info08:18 PM

Chorus Loop

OrderChorusContestFriday Night RehearsalSaturday Morning RehearsalWarm Up RoomWarm UpMoveOn DeckOn Deck RoomOn Stage
1Welcome/ MC Intro (3)10:00 AM
2MC Announcements10:03 AM
3Mic Tester - ChorusChorus - Mic TesterLegends 109:34 AM10:02 AM10:05 AMHallway behind stage10:08 AM
4Emerald Coast ChorusChorus - DistrictLegends 209:44 AM10:12 AM10:15 AMHallway behind stage10:18 AM
5Chorus of the KeysChorus - DistrictLegends 309:54 AM10:22 AM10:25 AMHallway behind stage10:28 AM
6BarbergatorsChorus - DistrictLegends 110:04 AM10:32 AM10:35 AMHallway behind stage10:38 AM
7Hernando HarmonizersChorus - DistrictLegends 210:14 AM10:42 AM10:45 AMHallway behind stage10:48 AM
8Orange Blossom ChorusChorus - DistrictLegends 310:27 AM10:55 AM10:58 AMHallway behind stage11:01 AM
9Orlando HarmonyChorus - DistrictLegends 110:37 AM11:05 AM11:08 AMHallway behind stage11:11 AM
10Harbor City Harmonizers Mixed HarmonyChorus - DistrictLegends 210:47 AM11:15 AM11:18 AMHallway behind stage11:21 AM
11INTERMISSION (5 min)11:31 AM
12C&J Winner Call Off & Evals11:36 AM

Quartet Finals Loop

OrderQuartetContestWarm Up RoomWarm UpMoveOn DeckOn Deck RoomOn Stage
1Welcome / MC Intro04:30 PM
2MC Announcements04:32 PM
3Right on QQuartet - Mic TesterLegends 104:10 PM04:30 PM04:32 PMHallway behind stage04:36 PM
4Three and a Half MenQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundLegends 204:19 PM04:39 PM04:41 PMHallway behind stage04:45 PM
5Better Days AheadQuartet - Prelim / SeniorsLegends 304:28 PM04:48 PM04:50 PMHallway behind stage04:54 PM
6GeezairesQuartet - Prelim / SeniorsLegends 104:37 PM04:57 PM04:59 PMHallway behind stage05:03 PM
74 Guys No FriesQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundLegends 204:46 PM05:06 PM05:08 PMHallway behind stage05:12 PM
8Cruise ControlQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundLegends 304:55 PM05:15 PM05:17 PMHallway behind stage05:21 PM
94 for 4Quartet - Prelims 2 RoundLegends 105:04 PM05:24 PM05:26 PMHallway behind stage05:30 PM
10Introduction of Judges05:39 PM
11INTERMISSION (10 min)05:44 PM
12Announcements (10 min)05:54 PM