Spring 2019 Sunshine District Contest

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Quartet Semi-Finals Loop

District Senior Championship, Youth and Mixed contests are single round only, International Quartet Preliminary  competition is elimination round and Finals.

OrderQuartetContestWarm Up RoomWarm UpMoveOn DeckOn Deck RoomOn Stage
1Mic Tester - HeadlineN/ADogwood06:00 PM06:20 PM06:30 PMVista C&D06:40 PM
2COPELAND STREETQuartet - YouthMagnolia06:09 PM06:29 PM06:39 PMVista A&B06:49 PM
33 OF A KINDQuartet - PrelimsMaple06:18 PM06:38 PM06:48 PMVista C&D06:58 PM
4SENIOR CLASSQuartet - Seniors OnlyOak06:27 PM06:47 PM06:57 PMVista A&B07:07 PM
5CLEFTOMANIACSQuartet - Prelims/YouthPine06:36 PM06:56 PM07:06 PMVista C&D07:16 PM
6BOURBON BROTHERSQuartet - PrelimsBelle Isle06:45 PM07:05 PM07:15 PMVista A&B07:25 PM
7BIOLUMINESCENTQuartet - PrelimsDogwood06:54 PM07:14 PM07:24 PMVista C&D07:34 PM
8SIGNATUREQuartet - PrelimsMagnolia07:03 PM07:23 PM07:33 PMVista A&B07:43 PM
9INTERMISSION (10 min)07:52 PM
10THE VOCAL CHORDSQuartet - Seniors OnlyMaple07:22 PM07:42 PM07:52 PMVista C&D08:02 PM
11MIX IT UP!Quartet - MixedOak07:31 PM07:51 PM08:01 PMVista A&B08:11 PM
12TBQQuartet - Seniors OnlyPine07:40 PM08:00 PM08:10 PMVista C&D08:20 PM
13THROWBACKQuartet - PrelimsBelle Isle07:49 PM08:09 PM08:19 PMVista A&B08:29 PM
14MOMENTS NOTICEQuartet - PrelimsDogwood07:58 PM08:18 PM08:28 PMVista C&D08:38 PM
15ROOFTOP RECORDSQuartet - PrelimsMagnolia08:07 PM08:27 PM08:37 PMVista A&B08:47 PM
16PINK FLAMINGOQuartet - MixedMaple08:16 PM08:36 PM08:46 PMVista C&D08:56 PM
174 FOR 4Quartet - PrelimsOak08:25 PM08:45 PM08:55 PMVista A&B09:05 PM
18Mic Coolers - RingtonesN/APine08:34 PM08:54 PM09:04 PMVista C&D09:14 PM

Chorus Loop

Friday Night Rehearsals - 30 minutes AFTER the end of Quartet Semi Finals
Saturday Morning Rehearsal Schedule - Choruses performing BEFORE intermission rehearse from 8:00 am - 9:00 am. Choruses performing AFTER intermission rehearse from 9:00 am - 10:00 am.

OrderChorusContestFriday Night RehearsalSaturday Morning RehearsalWarm Up RoomWarm UpMoveOn DeckOn Deck RoomOn Stage
1Dreger MemorialChorus - Mic TesterVista C&DVista C&D10:00 AM10:20 AM10:25 AMVista C&D10:35 AM
2Harbor City Harmonizers - MelbourneChorusCove Cove10:10 AM10:30 AM10:35 AMVista A&B10:45 AM
3Chorus of the Keys - SarasotaChorusVista A&BCapri10:20 AM10:40 AM10:45 AMVista C&D10:55 AM
4Orange Blossom Chorus - OrlandoChorusVista C&DCove10:31 AM10:51 AM10:56 AMVista A&B11:06 AM
5Hernando Harmonizers - Mixed - Hernando CountyChorus - MixedAugustaCapri10:41 AM11:01 AM11:06 AMVista C&D11:16 AM
6The Florida Suncoast Chorus -Greater PinellasChorusBelle IsleBelle Isle10:52 AM11:12 AM11:17 AMVista A&B11:27 AM
7Gulf Coast Harmonizers - Cape CoralChorusVista A&BCapriCapri11:02 AM11:22 AM11:27 AMVista C&D11:37 AM
8Harbor City Harmonizers Mixed Harmony - MelbourneChorus - MixedCove Cove11:13 AM11:33 AM11:38 AMVista A&B11:48 AM
9INTERMISSION (20 min)11:58 AM
10Orlando Harmony - Winter ParkChorusBelle IsleCove11:43 AM12:03 PM12:08 PMVista C&D12:18 PM
11THX - SunriseChorusAugustaAugustaCapri11:53 AM12:13 PM12:18 PMVista A&B12:28 PM
12Sentimental Journeymen - Winter HavenChorusCove Belle Isle12:03 PM12:23 PM12:28 PMVista C&D12:38 PM
13Heart of Florida - Central FloridaChorusVista C&DCove12:13 PM12:33 PM12:38 PMVista A&B12:48 PM
14Heralds of Harmony - TampaChorus - Eval OnlyVista A&BCapri12:23 PM12:43 PM12:48 PMVista C&D12:58 PM
15Big Orange Chorus - JacksonvilleChorus - Eval OnlyCapriCapriCapri12:35 PM12:55 PM01:00 PMVista A&B01:10 PM

Quartet Finals Loop

OrderQuartetContestWarm Up RoomWarm UpMoveOn DeckOn Deck RoomOn Stage
1BIOLUMINESCENTQuartet - Mic TesterBelle Isle06:30 PM06:50 PM07:00 PMVista C&D07:10 PM
2MOMENTS NOTICEQuartet - PrelimsDogwood06:39 PM06:59 PM07:09 PMVista A&B07:19 PM
3BOURBON BROTHERSQuartet - PrelimsMagnolia06:48 PM07:08 PM07:18 PMVista C&D07:28 PM
4SIGNATUREQuartet - PrelimsMaple06:57 PM07:17 PM07:27 PMVista A&B07:37 PM
5CLEFTOMANIACSQuartet - Prelims/YouthOak07:06 PM07:26 PM07:36 PMVista C&D07:46 PM
6ROOFTOP RECORDSQuartet - PrelimsPine07:15 PM07:35 PM07:45 PMVista A&B07:55 PM
73 OF A KINDQuartet - PrelimsAugusta07:24 PM07:44 PM07:54 PMVista C&D08:04 PM
84 FOR 4Quartet - PrelimsBelle Isle07:33 PM07:53 PM08:03 PMVista A&B08:13 PM
9THROWBACKQuartet - PrelimsDogwood07:42 PM08:02 PM08:12 PMVista C&D08:22 PM
10Announcement & Show of Champions - Quartets backstage08:31 PM