Hey, Sunshine District do you know what time it is……………….?

It is time to sign up for the new, revamped, exciting, and educational Sunshine District Leadership Academy and  INTRODUCING OUR VERY OWN Harmony College.  We have an exciting line up for everyone this year as we continue to try to grow our chapters, give our singers skills and knowledge to use on and off the risers, and be the society that truly has “Everyone in Harmony.”  If that isn’t exciting enough we have also moved to The Rosen Plaza on International Drive in Orlando, FL and are offering the ability to sign up using Eventbrite.  We hope to have a large turnout of excited, enthusiastic, energized members join us this year.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me and let me help you and your chapter get engaged.


In Harmony,
Matt Crisostomo
VP District Education/CSLT