One thing I am enjoying during this virus down time is keeping my Barbershop mind sharp by going on YouTube and calling up Barbershop, Barbershop quartets, Barbershop Choruses, and words of that kind. You can find hours of entertainment and education.

Why did I say education? Because you should not only be listening to the great harmony sounds but studying body language and facial sell. Check out what a difference good choreography makes to a song’s production. This is something most choruses could use improvement on.

It’s the same as your director asking you to attend the district conventions, even if you don’t compete in the contests, just to see what the other choruses are working on. Judge in your mind what you think about the other directors. Are they easy to follow, are they over or under working their arms and hand motions? Are the choruses as good or better than what you think your chorus is doing currently?

My theory is this. How do you know your director is teaching the right stuff if you don’t see other choruses doing the same thing your chorus director is pitching at your chorus rehearsals?

Remember. This organization that you have joined is an “educational and charitable” society. Not just a bunch of local yokels singing some songs. So you should take advantage of any and all Barbershop education that you can get. Also are you aware that the district and international have classes available for Barbershop education? Some just weekends, some a full week long. Check with your Chapter President or secretary. Or simply go on-line to your district or international and get the facts.

Lee Frayer
Director Venice Gondoliers mixed chorus. Venice, Fl.