Congratulations to all our Sunshine District Competitors! In a fantastic week of International competition in Nashville, TN, Sunshine District was well represented. In the quartet contest, Sunshine District quartets took 3rd, 4th and 5th place medals setting a record for Sunshine District quartets in the top 5.

Taking home 3rd place medals was Main Street with a total score of 8337 points or an average of 92.6%. Current SUN District Champs, Signature captured 4th place medals with a total score of 8183 or an average of 90.9%. Bringing home 5th place medals was Throwback with a total score of 8022 or an average of 89.1%.

Making the cut for the top 20 quartets in the world was Rooftop Records placing 17th with a total score of 4953 or an average of 82.6%.

Respectable performances were also turned in by Fuego who placed 37th with a total score of 2352 or an average of 78.4% and Vantage Point who placed 49th with a total score of 2316 or an average of 77.2%. There were a total of 57 quartets in the competition.

Score sheets for all International contests can be downloaded HERE.

In the Chorus Competition, current Sunshine District Champions T.H.X., placed 19th out of 29 choruses with a total of 2455 or an average of 81.8%.

In the Youth Quartet Contest, On Point placed 16th in a field of 30 quartets with a total score of 1334 or an average of 74.1%.