Sunshine District set a record for International Qualifiers this year at the International Preliminary competition held during the 2016 Spring Convention on April 29 through May 1, 2016. For the first time ever, a total of six (6) Sunshine District Quartets have qualified to represent the district at the International Quartet competition to be held in Nashville, TN in July. See the event on our calendar for more information on tickets and lodging. Come along and support our qualifiers!

At the top of the list was Main Street with a total score of 2175 or an average of 90.6%. Throwback qualified out of district with a total score of 2106 or an average of 87.8%. Placing 2nd in our competition was Signature, our current District Champions, with at total score of 2015 or an average of 84.0%. Next up was Rooftop Records with a total score of 1929 or an average of 80.4%. Finishing 4th in the competition was Vantage Point with a total score of 1877 or an average of 78.2%. Rounding out our list of qualifying quartets was Fuego with a total score of 1856 or an average of 77.3%. Congratulations to all our qualifiers, and we will all be pulling for you in Nashville this summer!

Score sheets for all the competitions held at the convention are HERE.

In the Youth Quartet competition, On Point won the right to represent the Sunshine District at the Harmony Foundation Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest held during the International Convention in July. They placed first in the Youth Quartet Finals with a total score of 817 or an average of 68.1%.

Our new 2016 Sunshine District Senior Quartet Champion is Easy Street who took top place honors in the senior competition with a total score of 864 or an average of 72.0%.

Sunshine District’s first ever Mixed Quartet Competition was also held at the convention and top honors went to Bellas and Fellas who have the honor of being our very first Sunshine District Mixed Harmony Quartet Champions. They scored a total of 843 or an average of 70.3%.

In the chorus competition, the Sunrise Chapter, THX took home the District Chorus Championship with a total score of 943 points or an average of 78.6%. The Pinellas Chapter increased from C+ to B-,  Orlando Chapter increased from C+ to B-, and the Cape Coral Chapter increased from C+ to B-.  Orlando Chapter was also named the Most Improved Chorus.

In the Combined (or Mixed) Chorus competition, The Panhandlers took top honors with a score of 794 points or an average of 66.2%.

In the Very Large Quartet competition, the Daytona Beach Metro chapter, Surfside Chorus became the Very Large Quartet Champions with a total score of 672 points or an average of 56.0%.

Congratulations to all our competitors for providing a great weekend of entertainment in what was one of the largest attended conventions in recent memory.