The Sunshine District VLQ (Very Large Quartet) contest conditions and parameters. 

A VLQ shall consist of five to eleven singers.

All singers shall be members of the Sunshine District, although not necessarily the same chapter.

Each singer shall possess an all-events pass.

A SUN VLQ may include no more than 50% of its members who are members of any current registered quartet. IE: in a VLQ of 8 members, 4 may belong to a registered quartet; in a VLQ of 9, 4 may belong to a registered quartet; 10, 5; 11, 5; etc

The VLQ contest shall be conducted as part of the chorus contest, and shall be included in the draw for Order of appearance.

VLQs shall compete in one of three categories with champions in each category.

  • Youth (26 and under),
  • Senior (55 and older),
  • Regular (everyone else)


All members of a VLQ competing in the “Youth” and “Senior” classifications shall meet the age restrictions for that category in order to qualify for competition.

VLQs competing in the “Regular” category may consist of a mix of age group singers.

The completion set shall consist of two songs selected by the VLQ which meet the Society Standards for Barbershop completion.

A VLQ shall enroll in the contest via the Society Website.

The official judging panel assigned to judge the convention contest will score a VLQ using the same judging standards used for quartets and choruses.

Champions shall be determined for each competition category.

A Scoring Summary shall be created listing all of the VLQ’s and their scores.   This would only be a Sunshine District report.

There would be no formal evaluation schedules for the VLQs.  However a VLQ would have the option of contacting the scoring judges post contest and ask for a written evaluation of their performance.