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Labor Day Jamboree

Labor Day Jamboree Chairman – Byron Poore

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Labor Day Weekend September, 2017 at the Orlando Airport Marriott
We can hardly wait! Check out the website and begin planning your Labor Day weekend. It’s a day of fun and sun that you and your family will never forget. Keep building those memories!
Byron Poore Labor Day Jamboree Chairman

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  Labor Day Jamboree Information Site

Grapefruit League Novice Quartet Contest


In order to inspire each Chapter to promote quartet singing, Sunshine District is once again offering the quartet contest known as the Grapefruit League Novice Quartet Contest [GLNQC]. This year, it will be held at Labor Day Jamboree in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday at 4 p.m.
We invite every Chapter to participate in this program. By promoting Chapter Quartets to attend LDJ, take advantage of some excellent coaching, and then participate in the contest on Saturday afternoon, more members are exposed to the joys of quartet singing.
The Grapefruit League Novice Quartet Contest will be judged by an excellent panel of qualified judges and the winners will sing on the Saturday Night Show. The winning quartet’s name will be placed on the Rik Ogden traveling trophy, which will be retained by the GLNQC Champions, for one year. The first, second and third place quartets will receive ribbons.
We are challenging each Chapter to send at least one Quartet to take advantage of the excellent coaching and the thrill of competing.
The eligibility rules are simple. All members of the Barbershop Harmony Society and any of their non-member friends are eligible to sing in the Grapefruit League Novice Quartet Contest. Quartets do not have to be made up from the same Chapter. Exceptions:

  • The quartet cannot contain more than two members who have been a finalist in any District Contest or have competed in International Competition (including Collegiate and Seniors) within the past 10 years.
  • No more than one member who has been a District Champion, or International Finalist within the past 10 years (including Collegiate and Seniors).

Quartets will sing two songs in the Barbershop Style. Quartets are encouraged to wear costumes and the performance and music will be in good taste. The winning quartet will sing on Saturday night’s show, so proper attire is expected.

  • There will be judging in three categories, Music, Presentation, and Singing.
  • Each Judge will score from 0 to 100 points for each song, or 300 points total for each song.
  • The highest cumulative total for both songs will determine the winners.
  • Scoring assessments will be available after the contest has concluded.
  • Quartets are welcomed to evaluate their performance with the judges.

Coaching If your quartet would be interested in coaching with an experienced competitor before the contest, you may schedule a coaching by contacting Sean C Stork.
Deadline for entries in the GLNQC is ONE WEEK PRIOR. Registration may be submitted below.
This is a great chance to put a quartet together, get some great coaching, and get the feel of a competition stage. The registration form is below.
The fun is in the participation, the coaching, and the camaraderie. Harmoniously, Sean C Stork Grapefruit League Novice Quartet Contest Coordinator Sunshine District Director of Quartet Development

Leadership Academy


Leadership Academy QuestionsJohn McGoff, VP of CSLT   See the calendar for detials
Panhandle Festival

Please see the Panhandle Event on the Home page or on the Calendar page.


Sizzle will return soon.

HX is still in full force this year. Check out the Students Tab for more information.