Spring 2017 Sunshine District International Preliminary Quartet Contest

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Competitors Letter

Competitor Form for evaluating judging staff

Quartet Semi-Finals Loop

Senior and Mixed contests are single round only, District International Quartet Preliminary is elimination round and Finals.
OrderQuartetContestWarm Up RoomWarm UpMoveOn DeckOn Deck RoomOn Stage
1Welcome / MC Intro06:30 PM
2MC Announcements06:33 PM
3Vantage PointQuartet - Mic TesterMagnolia05:52 PM06:27 PM06:32 PMVista C&D06:38 PM
4FuegoQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundOak06:01 PM06:36 PM06:41 PMVista A&B06:47 PM
5EquinoxQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundPine06:10 PM06:45 PM06:50 PMVista C&D06:56 PM
6Wee Small HoursQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundBelle Isle06:19 PM06:54 PM06:59 PMVista A&B07:05 PM
7Bodacious BaldiesQuartet - Prelim / SeniorsMagnolia06:28 PM07:03 PM07:08 PMVista C&D07:14 PM
8Tourist BaitQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundOak06:37 PM07:12 PM07:17 PMVista A&B07:23 PM
9Orlando ExchangeQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundPine06:46 PM07:21 PM07:26 PMVista C&D07:32 PM
10Better Days AheadQuartet - Prelim / SeniorsBelle Isle06:55 PM07:30 PM07:35 PMVista A&B07:41 PM
11INTERMISSION (10 min007:50 PM
12Last Minute FourQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundMagnolia07:14 PM07:49 PM07:54 PMVista C&D08:00 PM
13No Assembly RequiredQuartet - MixedOak07:23 PM07:58 PM08:03 PMVista A&B08:09 PM
14You BetQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundPine07:32 PM08:07 PM08:12 PMVista C&D08:18 PM
15Main StreetQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundBelle Isle07:41 PM08:16 PM08:21 PMVista A&B08:27 PM
16HFI Presentation (3 min)08:36 PM
17Easy Does ItQuartet - Prelim / SeniorsMagnolia07:53 PM08:28 PM08:33 PMVista C&D08:39 PM
18Lowdown SoundQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundOak08:02 PM08:37 PM08:42 PMVista A&B08:48 PM
19Performance - Easy Street08:57 PM
20Performance - Vantage Point09:03 PM
21C&J Mixed Award09:09 PM
22C&J Draws09:11 PM
23C&J Eval Info09:16 PM

Chorus Loop

Friday Night Rehearsals - 30 minutes AFTER the end of Quartet Semi Finals
Saturday Morning Rehearsal Schedule - All rehearsals end at 9:00 am
OrderChorusContestFriday Night RehearsalSaturday Until 9:30Warm Up RoomWarm UpMoveOn DeckOn Deck RoomOn Stage
1Welcome / MC Intro10:30 AM
2MC Announcements10:33 AM
3Dreger MemorialChorus - Mic TesterVista C/DVista C/DVista C/D09:47 AM10:27 AM10:32 AMVista C&D10:38 AM
4Naples/Ft MyersChorus - DistrictAugusta09:58 AM10:38 AM10:43 AMVista A&B10:49 AM
5Greater PinellasChorus - DistrictPine10:08 AM10:48 AM10:53 AMVista C&D10:59 AM
6SebringChorus - DistrictMagnoliaMagnolia10:18 AM10:58 AM11:03 AMVista A&B11:09 AM
7Cape CoralChorus - DistrictOakOak10:29 AM11:09 AM11:14 AMVista C&D11:20 AM
8Palm Beach CountyChorus - DistrictDogwoodDogwoodDogwood10:39 AM11:19 AM11:24 AMVista A&B11:30 AM
9Winter ParkChorus - DistrictBElle Isle10:49 AM11:29 AM11:34 AMVista C&D11:40 AM
10INTERMISSION (20 min)11:50 AM
11Greater CanaveralChorus - DistrictDogwood11:19 AM11:59 AM12:04 PMVista A&B12:10 PM
12Winter HavenChorus - DistrictOak11:29 AM12:09 PM12:14 PMVista C&D12:20 PM
13Polk CountyChorus - VLQBelle Isle11:39 AM12:19 PM12:24 PMVista A&B12:30 PM
14SarasotaChorus - DistrictAugusta11:48 AM12:28 PM12:33 PMVista C&D12:39 PM
15OrlandoChorus - DistrictMagnolia11:57 AM12:37 PM12:42 PMVista A&B12:48 PM
16Daytona BeachChorus - VLQPine12:07 PM12:47 PM12:52 PMVista C&D12:58 PM
17TampaChorus - DistrictCapriCapriCapri12:17 PM12:57 PM01:02 PMVista A&B01:08 PM
18HFI Presentation (10 min)01:19 PM
19Chorus SIng-Off01:29 PM
20BOTY Award01:39 PM
21C&J Winner Call Off01:47 PM
22C&J Eval Info01:52 PM

Quartet Finals Loop

OrderQuartetContestWarm Up RoomWarm UpMoveOn DeckOn Deck RoomOn Stage
1Welcome / MC Intro07:00 PM
2MC Announcements07:03 PM
3Bodacious BaldiesQuartet - Mic TesterDogwood06:12 PM06:57 PM07:02 PMVista C&D07:08 PM
4Better Days AheadQuartet - Prelim / SeniorsMagnolia06:21 PM07:06 PM07:11 PMVista A&B07:17 PM
5Last Minute FourQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundMaple06:30 PM07:15 PM07:20 PMVista C&D07:26 PM
6EquinoxQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundOak06:39 PM07:24 PM07:29 PMVista A&B07:35 PM
7Orlando ExchangeQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundPine06:48 PM07:33 PM07:38 PMVista C&D07:44 PM
8You BetQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundAugusta06:57 PM07:42 PM07:47 PMVista A&B07:53 PM
9Main StreetQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundDogwood07:06 PM07:51 PM07:56 PMVista C&D08:02 PM
10Lowdown SoundQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundMagnolia07:15 PM08:00 PM08:05 PMVista A&B08:11 PM
11FuegoQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundMaple07:24 PM08:09 PM08:14 PMVista C&D08:20 PM
12Tourist BaitQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundOak07:33 PM08:18 PM08:23 PMVista A&B08:29 PM
13Wee Small HoursQuartet - Prelims 2 RoundPine07:42 PM08:27 PM08:32 PMVista C&D08:38 PM
14Chorus - Champs08:47 PM
15C&J Announcement (5 min)08:57 PM
16Quartet - Senior Champs09:02 PM
17Quartet Rep 109:07 PM
18Quartet Rep 209:12 PM
19C&J Eval Info09:17 PM